Christian Friends Ministry (CFM) was established in 2002, and exists not as a replacement for, but as a supplement to the Church. The Vision is to equip and educate humanity to think, and to think according to the knowledge of God’s worldview.

The Vision calls for a community, of the churched and unchurched alike, to be a people who are not interested in any counterfeit religions.

The Cross of Christ kills the religion in us! Experience the Killing Power of the Cross!! Live in the Resurrection Life of Christ!! Reap the Vision!!!


CFM lives in and out of a small group understanding. Varying in culture and vicinity, the common connection is The Christ Event, and the common Vision is Resurrection Life as His mission within humanity. Living life together, whatever that looks like, is God’s worldview for creation; whether face-to-face, via phone, or various social media the community lives.


Rev. Dr. Mike Bass, PhD – Pastor-in-Charge
Rev. Dr. Dante Poole, DD – Aberdeen, NC Area
Rev. Dr. Jason Blakeman, DD – Jacksonville, NC Area
Rev. Chantal Abbuhl, ThM – Lillington, NC Area
Rev. Kip McDonald – Elizabeth City, NC Area
Rev. Mike Kimbrell – Carthage, NC Area
Rev. Bryan Lamothe – Elizabeth City, NC Area
Rev. Geoff Abbuhl – At-Large (specialized)
Rev. Charles Cash – Charlotte, NC Area
Rev. Robbie Devogt – Ashboro, NC Area
Rev. Meemee Rice – Fayetteville, NC Area
Joyce Bass – Secretary and “Majority Whip”