Order of the Cross

A Monastic Motorcycle Order

A Community within the Larger Community. Responsible within to be “My Brothers’ Keeper.” 3% Responsibility to the Community at Large.

The Purpose of the Order is Accountability.

The Practice of the Order: Casting the Vision of God’s Therapeutic Worldview. Disciples Making Disciples of Jesus Christ. Reaping the Vision of God’s Rescuing Act.

The Rule of the Order: The Rule of One Law – The Vision Reigns Supreme.

The Means: The Cruciform – Resurrection Life Lived.


The Use of Terms

By Monastic we mean the (temporary) seclusion and isolation of the motorcycle culture for the purpose of accountability and clarity of Vision.

By Community we mean the understanding that the Community at Large is humanity generally, the Church specifically, and the Order as a community within that Community. The Order calls for us to hold one-another to account (My Brothers’ Keeper) so as to better express the Resurrected Christ in the Community at Large. [Incidentally, Brother  references more the biker culture than the church culture.]

3% is a reference to the 97%-3% Theory proposed by Mike Bass (you can find the theory (here).

By Vision we mean the worldview of God, out of the mind of God, dreamed into the human psyche. The term is, specifically, synonymous with “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Heaven.” It is a term that speaks of God’s plan and purpose in creation now, but also not yet. The Vision does not belong to a single person or group (or church) but is the property of God confirmed in all humanity through God’s words and action.

By Vision Casting we mean a lifestyle, a way of life, where God’s worldview is expressed through word and action. It is meant as a replacement for many words utilized by “churchianity.” While anyone can be a Vision Caster, not everyone is a Vision Caster. (see here for an explanation.)

Concerning Reaping the Vision, we understand that God is a Therapeutic God. Having judged humanity at the Cross of Christ, God is now applying healing to a lost and broken creation in the person of the Resurrected Christ. That Vision is made reality when humanity allows the application of God’s healing act.

All of this is The Vision. And again, as explained here, the Vision Reigns Supreme in the Order – The Rule of One Law. And the means of The Rule for the Order is The Cruciform – living the lifestyle of the Resurrection Life of Christ. (Details of the doctrine can be found here. And publications on this subject can be found here.)


Charter Members

Kip McDonald, President
Mike Bass, Vice President
Ralph Clark, Crucifer
Bryan Lamothe, Crucifer
Geoff Abbuhl, Enforcer
Mike Kimbrell, Justice

The Charter Members are an interesting mix: All six are ordained – one an Episcopal Priest (Ralph) and the others by a non-denominational organization; two are licensed pastors in the United Methodist Church (Mike B and Mike K). Four are veterans of the military. Mike K is a veteran Peace Officer retired.

While the Charter Members are equals in the Order, there is such a thing as “first among equals.” Kip, Ralph, and Bryan, because they were the original and founding members (2009/10), are Crucifers – Cross-Bearers; they hold the final word (as it were) concerning the receiving of Orders.

Therewith, is structure; while equals, there is a Prez and VP of the Order – they are the Guardians of the Vision of the Order. There is an Enforcer, one who ensures that The Rule is maintained; that the Vision, in fact, reigns supreme. And there is one charged with Justice, the fair and equitable treatment of all under The Rule.


Receiving of Orders

Membership in the Order is Exclusive, yet, at the same time Inclusive. Exclusive, in that one must be invited by a Member to receive Orders. Inclusive, in the sense that an invitation can be extended to anyone regardless of race and/or gender (many women understand and live by the notion of “brotherhood”).

Qualifiers are two: One must ride (obviously). And one must live a lifestyle of The Rule of One Law, as deemed by the Charter Members, to receive Orders.