Theology School


Theology School ShieldRev. Dante Poole, D.D., Resident Pastor
Rev. Gil Wise, D.D., School Chancellor
Rev. Mike Bass, PhD., Dean/Professor of Theology
Chantal Abbuhl, ThM., Visional Communities Director


1st & 3rd Sundays – Class on Spring Lake Campus at 1:00pm

On Campus Classes are conducted like a traditional “Bible study,” though the information shared is far more than for Bible knowledge. The point is for people to think. The aim is for understanding, having a working knowledge of God’s worldview in creation – Faith With Reason.

One does not need to enroll in the School to attend the classes. Those enrolled in a Degree Program will experience On Campus classes as well as Research Based assignments (book reviews, biblical surveys, reading assignments, etc.). The School accepts (approved) transferred credits toward Degree Programs (Associate – Doctoral) in Theology. Distance Learning Programs are also available for students out-of-state.


Solid RocSchool of Theology is
Authorized by the State of North Carolina 

 Degree programs of study offered by Solid Rock School of Theology have been declared exempt from the requirements for licensure under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes Section (G.S.) 116-15(d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education. Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality under established licensing standards