Change in DNA

If we all come from Adam and Eve, aren’t we all products of incest?

This is definitely a Freudian (Sigmund Freud) conclusion, but no. In fact, the same conclusion could be drawn since we are all descendants of Noah (only eight people of the same family walked off the boat), but it would still be “no” as an answer!

For one, if this were in fact true, why is it that Asians are far different appearing than Westerners? And why the different skin pigment?

Genesis 11:1-9 is the story of the “Tower of Babel,” which is actually an account of the people of the earth attempting to build the first city in history with a tower that would reach “to the heavens.”

God (it is interesting that He said “let Us” go down as the people were saying “let us” go up, but that is another conversation) moves instead to “confound their language so that they will not understand one another’s speech.”

But, rather, He not only changed the “one language” that the people spoke into multiple languages, He “scattered them over the face of the whole earth.”

And I tell you, not only that, but He instantly changed their DNA as well; if their language and location were miraculously changed, why not their genetic make-up as well?

That being true, then, no, we are not all products of incest; for, since the “Great Dispersion” every group (or tribe) had their own language, geographic location, and DNA.

Now, the idea that certain tribes of people may have migrated across “land bridges” at some point and time in history notwithstanding, the biblical historical account of world-wide population is that God scattered them abroad.

Likewise, the Evolutionary idea that the reason for different skin pigments and facial features is a matter of “Adaptation” (the idea that different climates and surroundings, over time, will change the features and pigments of entire groups or tribes) is an illogical leap from the Empirical evidence (“science”). While adaptation because of natural surroundings (like weather, geography, etc.) does occur in human beings (as it does in animals) in some degree, it does not necessarily follow that this is the reason for the far reaching differences from race to another. It is far easier to explain (and believe) that God changed, on bio-molecular levels, each group of human beings.

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