Are the Jews saved, apart from Jesus, because they’re Jewish?

This is an interesting question because, of the many times I have been asked this, I am not convinced the full ramifications of the question are apprehended by the inquisitor. For example: If the Jews are saved because they’re Jewish, then by the same faulty logic any member of any nationality is saved simply because they’re a member of a nationality! “Wait,” you say, “I was speaking of the Jewish ‘religion.’” “Oh,” I say, “well that makes even less sense.”

Even if the Jews do not believe Jesus is the Messiah, religiously speaking, salvation still only comes to them through the Messiah according to their own religion (Judaism). In fact, until such Messiah appears, according to the Jewish canon, the Jews are not even sure where they go when they die. Thus, they certainly are not certain of any salvation. By the way, such salvation, as here referenced, is a Christian concept. The question of salvation itself is from a Christian perspective (which in and of itself defies the laws of logic by “stealing worldviews”).

Add to this that according to the Christian first principle (Scripture), Jesus exclaimed, “…No one comes to the Father but through me” (John 14:6). This is an exclusive exclamation. There cannot be any exceptions to this truth statement. Therefore, if the Jews are not included in the “no one” then everyone and every religion is an exception. If Jesus meant, “no one except the Jews comes to the Father but through me,” then the statement becomes irrelevant by self-contradiction because it actually means anyone can come to the Father by any means other than Jesus. There is no way around this! Either Jesus is the ONLY way or He is no way at all, not even the Christian way.

Now, another contradiction in the assumption that Jews have some other way to God is the fact that Jesus Himself was Jewish. If He were not Jewish, perhaps, then one could argue for a different way. But He was Jewish, and therefore the Messiah and the means by which Jews, too, must be saved (otherwise, both the Old and the New Testament, are bogus and we’re wasting our time).

So, the real argument is, “Is Jesus really the only way to the Father and, therefore, salvation?” This question is for another time and different heading. But I will decidedly say that, “Yes, Jesus is the only way to the Father and to salvation (He being salvation Personified)!” If not, I warn you, all logic and reason falls to the ground for lack of Epistemology (bygones – that, too, is another conversation).

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