The 97%-3% Rule

The ‘97%-3% Rule’ is something I talk often about. It concerns humanity generally and is applied specifically to differing contexts in humanity. It finds its biblical principle in Ephesians 4:11 (and many Old Testament precedents). Where humanity inclusively (i.e. all humanity, whether they admit it or not and whether they know it or not) experiences a call by God and all are given gifts and graces to walk in His calling, there are some who are especially called to lead humanity in the casting of God’s vision for humanity. This ‘Rule’ applies to humanity in general, though it is found in the Christian First Principle (the Scriptures), because the church specifically is a category – a representation – of humanity. God has graced certain human beings from all walks of life, according to Ephesians 4:11, for the building up of the church, though many who are endowed with these graces thusly do not utilize the gifts directly or purposely for the church. The principle and ‘Rule’ stand none-the-less.

In the “gun world” the ‘97%-3% Rule’ is amply applied. The language for the ‘Rule’ is not too flattering – The 97% are called “Sheep” or “Sheeple” and the 3%, “Sheep Dogs.” In this context it is understood that 3% of the people protect and defend the other 97% from bodily injury or harm and/or death. According to the principle of the ‘Rule,’ the 3% have been graced with this special calling that the 97% cannot have by definition. The care of the 97% falls on the 3%.

In the church the ‘97%-3% Rule’ applies. 97% have no idea who Christ is personally or exactly what He has done. I am not questioning their salvation (that is between the individual and God), for one can accidentally stumble into being rescued by God by God’s sheer power (that is another subject). I am simply saying that I have found that 97% of the individuals in the church (by medieval design), as a whole, are biblically illiterate, ignorant of the Person of God, and ignore any kind of sanctification and are concerned only with their justification. 3% of the church population is at least seeking apprehension of “the knowledge of truly truth” (as the Apostle Paul would say). 97% are “fleshly Christians” and 3% are “spiritual Christians.”

Concerning “the Vision:” The ‘97%-3% Rule’ plays out in the fact that 97% of the people will need to be connected to the other 3%. The 97% can be termed “Carriers” or “Potential Carriers of the Vision” and the 3% are “Guardians of the Vision.” The 97% receive the Vision from the 3%. The 3% need the 97% to which to cast the Vision. The 97% are always in a constant state of un-learning, learning and re-learning the Vision. The 3% learn only the ever-expanding ways that the Vision applies. The 3% can only expect from the 97% nothing more than they can deliver, by definition. The 97% do not follow the 3%, however, but follow the Vision casted by the 3%. The 3% follow the Vision they cast out of the special gifts and graces received.

In any case, it cannot be ignored that each – the 97% and the 3% – are responsible and accountable for their calling generally, but the 3% are especially responsible and accountable because of the special gifts and graces given to them (this also concerns “cover,” which is another conversation). Whether in the “church” or without, the principle of God’s grace for the building of the church (the human factor), as expressed in the Rule, applies, and all humanity is accountable and responsible for it.

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