And So We Search

Humanity has been designed to search for things. There is a gnawing, nagging inside of us that wants to find the answer and solve the problem or just figure out the issue. If the desire gets perverted it becomes broken. This longing to know has been placed there by God to draw us to Himself. Our souls are pulling us towards God with their cravings and longings that will not be satisfied by anything less than the Eternal One. Our souls know God, and they persistently desire that which is unattainable or not within immediate reach, though we are not always aware of the ache. Our souls were designed to be a beacon that draws us back to the Father.

We must choose to participate in God’s worldview or, by default, we choose to participate in the lie. Humans are driven to be; and it’s always big. We pursue success and achievement. We dream and gravitate towards greatness. We have a mission, a purpose, and a destiny (not simply some feel good task, destiny points to a destination, and the only one that matters is back to the heart of God). It is written into our DNA to become. Part of “being” is struggling to “become” and this struggle is constant. We can endure so much when we are convinced that there is a purpose to our struggle. Increases in struggles usually indicate a change, while decreases indicate to settle in. Whatever you choose to become is what you begin to call others to. Becoming is an enemy of the status quo.

The fear of rejection haunts us as we try to live in ways that gain the acceptance of the status quo. We have to learn to accept God’s choice of us in eternity. His choice is not based on how much He likes who we are or how good we are. His choice is based solely on His worldview. Purpose drives design. We have been chosen according to what God already knew. God chose you in eternity and designed you for this moment. The enemy of your identity will have you to believe that you are rejected and of no value, when in essence you are the very opposite. It is the work of the Holy Spirit, and the completed work of Jesus Christ that re-aligns you with God’s eternal choice. We were created by God as solutions to problems; answers to prayers. He made us to engage and get involved in something that is both personal and communal. Your soul is being pulled forward to a God who has chosen you.

We are capable of far more than we think. This is not some irrational “you can become whatever you dream” kind of thinking. But dreams fuel our desire to “become,” and the pursuit of dreams requires faith. If it takes faith to please God, then it must be of God’s primary ideal to transfigure faith in us to an actual reality upon which he can build his kingdom, and not just some philosophical nuance without a concrete foundation. As we live our dreams we become proof of God. Remember that the nature of faith is to make its object real.  And faith is never developed in isolation. It is developed in community. In order to fully “become” we must fully engage in the lives of those God places around us, because He has determined that this is the best environment for our development. God uses faith to propel us forward.

The aim of humanity (whether we know it and acknowledge it or not) is to do God’s will, not to be useful. And so, by faith we choose His will over our own desire to be accepted, loved, praised, supported, and valued. We think our works bring that value, but that value is already present if we would just seek to know the One in whom that value exists. The soul longs for what only God can accomplish through us, what He chooses to do with us, and what He loves to do for us. As life is happening we must remain poised by truth that settles and establishes, instead of poisoned by lies that stir our emotions and cloud our thinking. Our souls know that God is faithful. Our souls know that God has chosen us. Our souls know that we are designed for more than the life we have been living. We were made to become. And so we search. We search for the evidence of His faithfulness. We look for expressions of His love and we are dying to know that He has chosen us, because we know that there is more.

*Taken from Searching for Something More, by Dante Poole

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