“America” Defined, Again

Independence Day 2016… A challenge to think (again) on “America.”

Reap The Vision

This time of year many conversations revolve around politics. I do not use my public platforms to argue my political views (of which I am very opinionated) and I do not wish to do so, here, either. However, we do need to establish a fundamental fact concerning our political views. The fact is that this is America. And while we are free to think as we please (precisely because this is America), we are not, logically, free to make up our own definitions of “America.”

“America” is an ideology of how the United States is to function. The name “United States ‘of America’” makes this point obvious. The dilemma is concerning the definition of “America.” There are two main ideologies (with second order ideologies for each) that have their own definition of “America.” Thus, the discussion should be definitional and, therefore, logical.

“America” is an ideology, of which the Constitution…

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