The “Rib”

I have been reading your blog and in the section that asked “Is homosexuality a sin” you made the statement “When God made humanity, He made Eve out of Adam. He took from Adam, not a rib (that is another conversation), but literally, a “part or compartment” and made from it Eve.” Can you explain this? I have not been able to find an explanation other than “a rib” that was taken from Adam.

The word “rib” in Hebrew is, “sela or tsela,” meaning: “side, side room, chamber; compartment, part.” It refers to building materials. An interesting thing about this Hebrew word is it is in the feminine tense.

Thus, it was not a “rib” (the English translation of “sela or tsela”) which God removed from Adam, but a part or compartment of him.

Incidentally, for centuries humanity believed that men are one rib short of women because of this translation. Later it was discovered that this was an inaccurate assumption. Humanity’s misinterpretation had began the downward spiral of faith (rather, the lack thereof) in the Scriptures. Not because Scripture is wrong, but that our interpretations (and translations) are flawed.

So, when God killed Adam (“deep sleep”) He took from Adam that which, afterwards, Adam no longer had. What God removed from Adam, Adam was thereafter missing, and it could only be found in Eve (“God closed up the wound where the thing was removed”).

Another interesting note is that the place where God “closed up,” in the Hebrew, is the masculine sense of “flesh,” or “body.” So from the masculine place God removed the feminine part, which was my argument in “homosexuality.”

Now, all this, though literal in my opinion, is but a “shadow” of a truer reality. For Christ was killed by God (put into a “deep sleep,” for three days) and what was produced from His death was His bride.

But what exactly is it that was in Christ and, therefore, Adam that a bride was made for each? Well, precisely that which each had in common as a human being – emotion of flesh.

The in-depth discussion of emotions is not within the scope of this writing. However, we do need to understand that woman is emotional, where man is logical. Not that women are not logical (some of the most logical people I have ever met are women and, likewise, some of the most irrational people I’ve ever met are men), but that the woman signifies 100% humanity (as the church entails 100% humanity) and, therefore, contain 100% emotion (that which was removed from Adam and that which was a part of Christ that made the church). If Christ was not human, the church was never instituted. And if emotion was not that which was removed from Adam, Eve was never created.

Adam was killed and from his side came his bride – “bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.”
Christ was killed and from His “side” (the bloodshed) came His bride – “body,” the church – “bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.”

There is no issue with the English rendering of “rib” as long as we understand the ramifications of that removed “rib.” But, theologically, a “rib” does not do justice to the matter at hand.

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