Toleration of the Intolerable

Tolerance is insisted upon only by the intolerable. If I do not tolerate your insistence of my tolerance, will you self-impose your toleration and tolerate the fact that I do not? We cry “tolerance,” not because we want everyone to be free, but because we want everyone enslaved. If this were not true, then, there would be no reason to cry “tolerance.” I don’t have to tolerate your opinion and you can’t force my toleration of it and, at the same time, call it “tolerance.” Forced tolerance is, in fact, the intolerance of the forceful.

The ideology of tolerance, in religion, presupposes superiority and, therefore, inferiority. What I mean is this idea that Christianity must be tolerant is based on faulty premises. In fact, the very basis of the argument is self-contradicting. The attempt to lift one religion over the other has less to do with God and more to do with the corrupted and the corruptible. And when a Christian enters into this line of thinking the point of Christianity is lost. When we talk about being tolerant, we already assume that what we believe is superior to that which someone else believes. I am not at all interested in attempting to prove the superiority of Christianity.

Let me say it another way: I do not see any world religion as being in some sort of competition with that which Christ embodies. I do not argue against the fact that the world religions are in competition (including so-called Christianity), but I question the logic of it. If any religion thinks itself superior to another, then it is only a competition of “No-Compete-Clauses” that humanity either constructs or destructs. If a religion is such that it depends on humanity condoning or condemning it, then it is nothing more than humanity’s concoction. If it has to do with God, then the point of toleration is mute. All religions are on equal grounds and neither superior nor inferior, one against another. None can reach up (or out) to God, because God by definition is impassible and unobtainable. As such, God must be the initiator of said communication if it is to be had at all. God must make the way and means for humanity to be in relations with God. And the conclusion to our religious quest is found in Jesus Christ. From wherever we come, we must come to the one place where heaven meets earth, where God is accessible to humanity – where the Killing Cross of Christ meets the Resurrection Life of Christ; not a religion, but a Faith – the faithfulness of God in Christ.

Toleration in polity is based on an elitist mentality of (guilt laden) political correctness. It is simply an irrational Utopian ideology devoid of reality. It holds that truth is relative, which actually denies any truth what-so-ever (even its own Utopia). Add to this fact that tolerance serves to make excuses for ones-self, rather than holding ones-self accountable and responsible. Ironically, this kind of toleration, too, is a form of religion (by definition).

Toleration assumes condescension of one to another. Toleration demands disingenuous pity. Toleration only exasperates an issue. There is no redemption in toleration. Do not confuse toleration with love. Toleration is actually intolerance.

I suggest, first, that any form of toleration be rejected and, second, that we not be tolerable, but accepting of one another. The Good News is not about toleration but acceptance. God does not tolerate humanity, but accepts it. Because of Christ we are acceptable and, thus, equipped to accept. Do not be fooled, tolerance is not equality. Tolerance is based on inequality, and never acceptance. Acceptance is where equality is found, but never tolerance.

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