The First Cause

The First Cause

Logic demands a First Cause for all that is in existence. Interestingly enough, logic is, in fact, the First Cause that it, itself, demands!

In the Greek, our word “logic,” is logos – spoken thought; reason. Philosophically, Heraclitus (in 500B.C.) understood logos to be the principle which structured and controls the universe. The Stoics (3rd century B.C.) believed that the logos was, “the soul of the world.” Emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 161-180) saw spermatikos logos (the “seeds of logic”) as the generative principle in nature.

What I’m saying is that Logic, literally, was face-to-face with God (theologically, The Prime Mover). Logic experienced an existence of equality and intimacy with God (by definition). Like the Hebrew tradition of Wisdom, logos is personified, in my understanding. And logos is the embodiment of God’s worldview. Unlike the Hebrew tradition (where Wisdom is a separate entity from God) all of God (by definition) is fully expressed in God’s Logic.

When Space/Time first came into existence, the logos was… God’s Logic has existed alongside God as long as God has existed (eternally, by definition). The Logic of God has always been everything that God is, everything that God does. In fact, the logos – the Logic of God – is the instigator, the initiator of all that exists in the universe. The kosmos (the arranged universe) came into being by means of the One who’s always been in “being” beyond Space/Time. And without the Logic of God there is (literally) nothing. For Logic demands it.

This same logos zipped-up entirely in human form, back in the annuals of time. “The logos of philosophy is the Jesus of history” – Bernard. The Logic of God, from forever, beyond Space/Time, pitched a tent and lived here with humanity, historically, to express God’s worldview to human beings. That worldview speaks of a Killing Cross and Resurrection Life, and a return to eternity (mastering the Laws of Physics) in human form – the Logic of God; the First Cause.

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