Against Darwinism: Part II

The denial of the intelligent design (the mindful, purposed, organized creation) of the universe is not a new notion. That a self-aware Being (i.e. God) generated all that materially exists was challenged as early as Ancient Greece, where (so-called) scientists advocated an evolutionary hypothesis. Like the advocates of evolutionary (so-called) science today, their faulty logic ran counter to the fundamental laws of science. I refer to it as a “so-called” or “falsely so-called” science because it is only a philosophy (and not a logical one at that!). Real science starts with the material – the evidence, if you will – and either deduces or induces (through a series of tests, etc) objective conclusions based on said material or evidence. Evolutionary (so-called) science begins with presuppositions, either deduces or induces the material or evidence into the presuppositions, and then concludes with subjective conjecture and assumptions based on the presuppositions. Good philosophy can be a science, but bad science is the basis for an irrational philosophy.

Darwin himself recognized that his theory had many difficulties, and that if these difficulties were not rectified the theory would collapse under its own weight. In his writings he noted four such difficulties:

1)      The lack of transitional forms – No fossil evidence of the evolutionary process

2)      The incredible complexity of organs – the complexity of the eye, for example

3)      The development of instinct in animals – counterintuitive to the evolutionary process

4)      The sterility in the crossbreeding of species – crossbreeding negates survival

These difficulties (and many others) have not been rectified. The genetic aspect of the evolutionary theory has no practical or theoretical support. Logically speaking, it is an indefensible model. The theory has been shown to be invalid by objective geneticists and, practically, by the conclusive evidence. 

Good theology demands that God is the “intelligent designer” behind the universe, as logic insists. Material cannot decide to create itself then in fact create itself when it is, as of yet uncreated. There must be a source outside of the material that brings into existence that material. Otherwise, the material (like a “god”) has always been present. The Scriptures exclaim that God (the “source” outside of the material) brought everything into existence “ex nihilo” – “out of nothing” (Gen. 1:1). Only a conscious Being, outside of material, could bring into being that which has now come into being; it cannot come into being on its own (John 1:3). Furthermore, the Scriptures explain that God made both plant and animal kingdoms, fully grown, and all other subsequent plants and animals have been produced out of those first made by God (Gen. 1:11-31). The fossil records support this fact by giving evidence to a sudden onset or existence, with no evidence of “upward” evolutionary adaptation (but only horizontal; i.e. adapting to its surroundings). Again, the supporter of the evolutionary theory argues simply that we have not yet found that missing evidence. How convenient. But if we have not yet found the evolutionary evidence what, then, supports the theory?

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