Against Darwinism: Part III

There is no real scientific evidence for evolution; none, zero, zilch. There is not a single documented scientific proof on record, anywhere, from anytime, in existence. There is no evidence of evolution in any species at present. No one has ever at any point seen evolution happen. There are no known new species. No one has ever sited a new species or produced a new species by mechanisms of natural selection. There is no fossil evidence, and though there is no order in the fossils, a pattern has simply been imposed to which there is no record of evidence to support the assumption. In fact, there is no record that evolution is even possible.

In spite of the attempts, “horizontal variations” (for example, the difference in breeds of dogs) does not support the notion of evolution. The argument concerning “mutations,” likewise, as far as all known mutations are concerned, proves only that they are always (without exception) either neutral or harmful and never for the benefit of the species (as evolution insists).

In regards to astronomy (for example, the “Big Bang Theory”), the theory is riddled with contradictions to the Laws of Physics. In actuality, the evidence suggests that the material and its movement in the universe had an “outside source” from which it came.

The principles of chemistry demands that the notion of evolution has no rational basis, but again, only conjecture. In fact, its laws contradict the notion of random, accidental natural processes. That the building blocks of life were produced out of a chemical primordial soup is, logically (and practically) untenable. The specific sequence in a polymer chain, the synthesis of proteins and DNA/RNA requires necessary “control from an outside source.” Random chance is based not just on improbability, but on impossibility.

Furthermore, the Second Law of Thermodynamics contradicts the very premise of evolution. This law dictates (from all evidence, conversely) that the whole universe is running down into complete disorder. 

On the other hand, what does all the evidence in fact suggest? It suggests, first, that there was and is an “outside source” that brought everything into existence and, secondly, that outside source sustains everything in its function. Real science draws the conclusion that, logically speaking, a “First Cause” necessarily produced all the material and such a First Cause is necessarily separate and completely “other than” that material. This First Cause not only set these things in motion but also sustains the motion by Laws of Nature (Logic, Physics, Thermodynamics, and etc.) derived from a mindful design, due to their intricate and enormously completed function and/or existence. That First Cause I call “God” because He likes that!

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